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PS:Digital is a marketing agency specialising in social media. Our clients benefit from our experts creative, results-oriented solutions developed using all the latest tools digital marketing has to offer. We keep pace with innovations in digital marketing and we put them into practice for our clients. We are a group of passionate creatives focused on building effective strategies that deliver real results for our partners. We’re thrilled when our partners understand and profit from our digital marketing possibilities, which is why we share our knowledge and educate the market.

Our Services

We offer our clients and partners a full service digital campaign and a combination of specific, need-based bespoke services. We start by identifying the needs of the client and analysing the target group, allowing us to develop tailor-made solutions. We’re there to manage and provide constant care for the duration of each project. And finally there’s our reporting that clearly documents successes and recommends further action.

Digital Strategies

We creates and implements complete digital strategies (across multiple platforms including the internet, mobile applications and more) that incorporate various cutting edge digital marketing tools. We can design your digital strategy as a stand-alone plan or as a part of a larger communications strategy tailored specifically for your business.


Digital Campaigns

All campaigns are designed and implemented within the digital space, including our network campaigns (Facebook, Google, RTB, ad networks) and the purchase of media space directly on internet portals


Digital Campaign Consultation

 We will consult with you about your campaign on a step by step level as a means to evaluate your outcomes and suggest changes whilst keeping in mind the most effective use of your budget.


Facebook Page Management

We offer day-to-day Facebook page management, content creation according to the required subject matter and target group, communication with followers and the design and implementation of competitions and bonus content (apps, interactive statuses) so as to keep your social media content fresh and engaging to the public. We’ll provide you with regular analyses and evaluations of activity on your Facebook page and monthly reporting on the functioning of your Facebook page.


Management of Corporate Profiles on other Social Networks

As with Facebook, we’ll take care of your profiles across other social media sites, including, but not limited to, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. Since these networks don’t have quite the same reach, we typically recommend them to clients with a specific target group or product.


Social Media Campaigns

It doesn’t make any sense in the modern connected age to manage a Facebook business page without having a budget for boosting your posts. For just a few euros, PS:Digital can supply an impressive reach to users across Facebook. That’s why we plan and implement this form of support for our clients’ Facebook pages, aimed at achieving the most engagement as well as any other parameters that are important to you.


Microsites, Applications

We design microsites and applications as part of our clients’ digital presence to support the overall goals of their communication strategies.



Precise numbers and constant data flow are unique to digital marketing. PS:Digital helps you to understand and apply these figures, giving you a powerful tool for monitoring and evaluating your websites, microsites, and campaigns success and areas for improvement.



You can’t live in today’s world without the relevant search engine visibility. Through SEO and SEM, PS:Digital will help you conquer your competition and push you towards the top of the results page.


PPC Campaigns (Google)

From design and implementation to evaluation, PS:Digital will handle your entire PPC campaign to guarantee the best possible outcome.



We also offers training and workshops specialising in social media to help you understand their use in a working context


Visual Brand Identity in the Digital Space

PS:Digital will create a visual brand identity/visual communication style in the digital space according to the communication specifics of each social network and platform (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others) that is perfectly suited to your specific business type.


Performance Campaigns

PS:Digital can set up and optimise a performance campaign aimed at concrete targets (leads), both on and off your website. Or maybe you’d prefer a campaign to drive more traffic to your website, increase video views, or other similar goals? We can do that too. PS:Digital is here for all your (digital!) needs.



PS:Digital can help with all your ecommerce needs too, we can design, implement, and optimise a campaign to increase sales in your online shop. We can focus on a general increase in performance of the shop as a whole, or on specific products and product groups.



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